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The primary objective of the division of Executive Medicine is to create                                               customized Medical visits for each client based on his or her current health,                                          lifestyle, and family medical history. We focused in identifying health risks                                                      early so that we can help prevent disease and make the most of the medical                                                 strategies and treatments available.

Besides the luck of genetics,many health risks are rooted in lifestyle patterns                                                 and behavioral choices. Without knowing it, individuals can be putting themselves at risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc and the deleterious effects if chronic stress and obesity.

The good news is that changes to one's daily routine can often or control these chronic health conditions.Following an extensive review of the client's personal medical history, as well as his or her family, social and occupational history, strategic therapeuticplans that are specific to each client's needs and circumstances will be recommended for implementation.Customized strategies are also developed for other serious health concerns like smoking, alcohol abuse and chronic disease prevention and management. These plans will focus on short and medium term results for long-term sustainability.Our physicians believe that a proactive approach to health care today can significantly improve future health and longevity.
The Passport Executive Health Examinitation includes several tests, some of these are optional.

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